The Winter 2019 meeting was held at the Sapelo Visitor’s Center on January 15, 2019 with new President Hyde Post presiding.  


Highlights of the meeting

SINERR Update by Adam MacKinnon and Rachel Guy

· SINERR’s education program has served 10,717 students since 2012. In addition to hosting students from surrounding counties, this program has provided tours to island visitors, public programs like Crab & Shrimp Day and special programming events (CoastFest) throughout the year. SINERR also provides teacher training through their partnership with Georgia Southern University and the UGA Marine Extension Office. 

·     SINERR recorded a total of 2,446 volunteer hours for FY2018  through support from FOS members in education, research, stewardship and construction/maintenance;the value equating to $61,516.90.

·     Adam is working with local schools on the “Spreading the Seeds of Estuary Health”project with students collecting seeds/rhizomes from the marsh and entering data in a national research database. After growing, the seedlings will be planted on the living shoreline and other needed areas.

·     Thompson Rose has joined the SINERR team to assume responsibility for the System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) which is a core program across all 29 Research Reserves.

·     Dr. Rachel Guy is launching a “Citizen Science”program designed to engage non-scientist in research projects happening on the Reserve.  For more information on how you can participate, contact Dr. Guy at (912) 485-2251 or

 Membership Committee.Phil Gratchier, member-at-large has assumed the role of chair for the FOS Membership Committee.

 New members: Samantha and Mike Smith, June Thomas, Kathy Towles, Patsy Thomas, Janet and Martin O’Hare, Melanie and Leonard Kramer, and Carol Schmidt.

Holiday Tours

·     Christmas Tours sold out in 2 weeks with minimal advertising.

·     Tour days were reduced from 20 to 9, allowing the Mansion the opportunity to rent the Mansion which resulted in an increase of total revenue from 2017.

·     There will be a meeting in September to determine tour options for 2019.


See Events for information on upcoming projects and opportunities for FOS members.