FOS receives a grant from the Trustees' Garden Club of Savannah

On October 2017, the Trustees' Club of Savannah awarded Friends of Sapelo a $1,000 grant to complete a gardening project at the Long Tabby complex on Sapelo Island.  

In discussions with Fred Hay, Island Manager, FOS members discovered that under the overgrown bushes, in the middle of a stand of cedar trees were more tabby remains of the original Sugar Mill.  Fred explained that he allowed the area to become overgrown to prevent people from destroying the remains by parking in the area when fishing or visiting Long Tabby   If he had the resources he would like to create a welcoming entrance to the area that explains the history of the Sugar Mill and Long Tabby and provide a seating area where visitors could sit and enjoy the view.   

Friends, Linda Lamb, OC Lam, Janet Yeager, Susan Fardy, and Tonya Lam, took the idea and with the help of board member Hyde Post applied for a grant from the Trustee's Garden Club Savannah.  Each year the Garden Club identifies organizations that seek to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement.

Work on the Sugar Mill Native Garden Project will begin next month.  The target date for completion is April, 2018. If you can build a fence, paint , pull weeds, remove debris or plant native plants, the project needs your help.  Watch for the sign up sheets and come help create this new look for Long Tabby.


Entrance to Long Tabby Complex

Entrance to Long Tabby Complex